Friday, July 1, 2011

note from yours truly..

i don`t mention much about me on here but i think i did sort of let known that i was gowing through some various personnal stuff...being a separation and all.
And since my ex is moving today,on canada day aka national moving day haha i`m going to be without the internet for a few days.
i`m going to leave my blog to my very good friend Steven who knows waaaay more than me about movies and loves them as much as i do so i`m sure he`ll post wicked trailers!!!i`m really really really grateful that he`ll do this for me!!! and in the meantime it`ll give you all a peak into his mind because one day we`ll be coming up with our own movies when we`re done with school and believe me when i say that it`s gonna rock like hell!!!!!! best horror friend in the world!!! good luck with my blog Steven,thank you again,you`re the best and to my fellow readers..i`ll be back soon.

ps:i`m starting on a short movie soon,first day of shooting is in 1 week..i`ll keep you posted on that in the futur :)

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