Friday, February 18, 2011

Hilarious house of frightenstein

This was one of my fave show when i was a kid.

Can you blame me?! It had VINCENT PRICE in it!!! My hero! A let's just say Billy Van was a genius and he played the vast majority of the roles in the show..actually he WAS the show! It was a produced on a tiny budget on a local tv station in Ontario but it had everything to become legendary! if you've never seen it,do yourself a favor and WATCH IT ASAP!!!

just have a look at the opening :

and the ending monologue:

Monday, February 14, 2011

my home

I'm from a town called Gatineau in the region of Outaouais in Quebec,Canada.
We are right across the river from Ottawa,Ontario. we are like the bridge region in between both provinces.
One of my favorite place is the Canadian museum of civilization.
it's right smack on the border,half of it is owned by Quebec and the other half by Ottawa,Ontario(The country's capital) and it's a really beautiful place right by the river you get an awesome view of parliament hill and the national art gallery of Canada.

here's a little FYI link:
and some pictures i found.i didn't take them but I'll post some tomorrow from when i was at Winterlude festival (

and this is what it looks like from the river view

ps: happy valentine's day

Celebrate by watching a great Canadian Classic!!!

i simply love those old 80s cheesy movies!!! Bring out the popcorn,the fleece pajamas and a good horror flick = i'm in paradise!!!!

Here's my fave winter pajama!!!

i like!

i like vintage freak show images and footage. i've always wanted to see a real freak show\circus\carnival side show!!!

and of course i LOVE the movie freaks by Tod Browning.
here's a review i like :

i wish the carnival and the freak show would come to my town!!!