Thursday, March 31, 2011

small update

i am looking into some college programs.

i'm a college drop out. i was in college about 10 years or so ago.

i'm really proud of myself. i truly believe we are never "too old" to learn and to reach out for our goals.

life is about living,and i am sure as hell trying my hardest to live as much as possible even if my anxiety often poses great obstacles. i don't wanna feel sorry for myself and i don't wanna let my anxiety win over me. It does NOT own me,i have to take control,i have lows and highs but as long as i keep going,i'm at least winning a bit :)

it is,regardless,a good thing i look so young for age. it will make it easier to blend in. i'm juts not sure if i'll make it in time for fall session,i might have to wait for the winter session but i don't mind,i'm happy and i want to make the most of it!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


So i'm giving this Tumblr thing a try.
It's really not easy to set up.they keep having these error msgs and i'm always sure wtf i'm doing but hey..we'll see if i can manage to get it going!

i will only share one pictures today,and it's something i found online,idk who did it but it's GREAT!!!! So funny!i can't believe how crazy Charlie Sheen is even for Charlie Sheen that's a new low of crazy!

Well..i'm going back to figuring out this tumblr business