Saturday, July 9, 2011


114 vampire girl vs. frankenstein girl (2009, Yoshihiro Nishimura & Naoyuki Tomomatsu)

Today i`ve chosen this movie because Steven mentionned it when he posted about alien vs ninjas a few days ago and it`s on of my personnal favorite!!! i loved that movie like a little girl loves her barbie dolls!!! Visually beautiful,fun beyond words and a big ball of pure entertainement.
And i do not have access to my list nor do i have the internet over at my place..yeah for the life of a student living on her own hahaha
I`m trying to make it to Fantasia this year for at least one movie so i`ll probably post about that in a few days and i will also try to make it for Troll Hunter at Mayfair this month. i wanna see this movie real bad and i promise to post on it if i make it :)
I can`t write much i never seem to have time and inspiration. Tomorrow i`ll be filming,we`re working on a short movie and i can promise you it`ll be bloody!!!
but i can`t say much because i don`t wanna spoil it but i`ll be sure to post teasers and pictures and such :P

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