Thursday, July 7, 2011

116 days left before Halloween

#116 I Saw the Devil (2010 ,Jee-woon Kim)

as you all probably know by now i'm not one to post much of a review because i only post about movies i love or have good memories related to them. this movie is both..sort of. It' an excellent movie,i hadn't seen it yet but i know many of you out there from Ottawa horror and such had seen it at mayfair so you all know how great this flick is. I do have strong sentiments attached memories and such and they are all equally glorious and painful. I'm going through a lot right now and it's all very very hard for me i'm very unstable and i feel extremely lost and i don't know what's what. hopefully this will all settle down,everything will get back to normal and i will be myself again.

i will try my very best to keep up with the blog whenever i can borrow a computer until i get my shit sorted out and i get the internet back...

keep it scary,don't work too hard and if you are lucky enough to have a good life,enjoy it!!!

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